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All Media are required to pre-register for all events.

Media applications are open to all photographers who will publish their photos.  This can be on Facebook, blogs, websites or in print media.


All Media are required to hold a AASA media accreditation.

You can apply on the AASA website ($100 pa):


Single event accreditation is also available ($25):


A working with children check is required as part of the application process.

Amateur photographers are not permitted to be official media, however there is no restriction on taking photographs from any spectator areas.

Media registration does not entitle you to free entry to the event, you will still need to pay for spectator entry at the gate.

Media must sign in at the Credentials office in the morning and attend Driver's briefing for any instructions.


Media must bring the following with them on the day:

  • Orange fluoro vest

  • Australian/NZ UHF-CB radio

We wil be checking that you have both items when you sign in.


The UHF-CB radio you bring must be manufactured to Australian standards for use on our UHF-CB band and carry the appropriate marks.

These radios can be sourced from retailers such as Dick Smith, JB Hi-Fi, Office Works, Harvey Norman and others. If buying online, be sure you are buying a radio designed for the Australian market.

Media applications close at 6pm on the Wednesday prior to the event.

Media Application