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Run the Wall Practice Days

Calder Park Raceway


377 Calder Freeway

Calder Park, VIC


Gates open at 9am for spectators!

Spectator Entry - $20

Kids under 12 FREE

Tickets available at the gate

Passenger Ride - $20

[passengers must adhere to the same dress standards as drivers,

eg long sleeve top, pants, closed footwear and helmet]

This is an OPEN event for all (VDC membership not required)

We will not be running a beginners section for this event.





Driver Prices

Member: $249

Non-Member: $299

Other Prices

VDC membership: $85 (once off $20 admin fee incorporated)

VDC membership renewal: $65


Membership details can be found here.



Please note: VDC run the practice day in group sessions, each group consists of drivers at the same skill level. It is the drivers responsibility to choose their group according to their skill level. 


The groups are:

Group A 

  • Competitor Class

  • Competition experience (Pro or Street) 

  • Comfortable to tandem


  • Safety cage to VDC specs required


Group B 

  • Intermediate Class 

  • No competition experience 

  • Driven at a minimum 3 practice days prior 

  • Comfortable to tandem

  • Safety cage to VDC specs required


Group C 

  • Amateur Class

  • No competition experience

  • Ok to tandem

  • Safety cage to VDC specs required



  • Drivers without a cage will be permitted to drive in Group C ONLY. This will mean that they cannot take any passengers or tandem. If we find that the driver is too advanced for group C they will not be able to return until they have a roll cage. This will be at the discretion of the club.


  • VDC reserves the right to move a driver up or down a level if their driving does not match the group standard.




Must be done by 6PM of the MONDAY prior to the event, or you will forfeit your entry fee. No excuses, if you miss the cut off you will not be given a refund. $50 cancellation fee for all cancellations.



Acceptable Licenses are: AASA or Cams L2S - No license means no going on the track!
On the day purchase of AASA day license: $25 (lasts 24-hours)
(Can be purchased on the morning of the drift day)
We recommend you purchase a 12 month license for $75 through AASA prior to the event if you plan to do more than 3 events over the next 12 months. You will need to purchase these in advance through www.aasa.com.au. All renewals will also need to be done in advance through AASA directly. We can no longer process these on the day.

Please note: VDC board members will be checking AASA and CAMS licenses, we will be checking everyone. Please ensure all your licenses and memberships are valid.


All drivers MUST attend the compulsory drivers briefing at 8:30AM, failure to do so will mean you will not be able to drive till the second drivers briefing at 1PM.


Timetable - Sunday

7:00AM - Gates open.

7:15AM - Scrutineering opens, driver registration open.

8:30AM - Compulsory Drivers briefing.

9:00AM - On track.

5:00PM - Track close.

Entries close at 6pm on the Wednesday prior to the event unless sold out earlier.


All Scrutineering Guidelines can be found here.


Cage Requirements can be found here.