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Pro Ride - VicDrift Prac Day (Sunday)

Pro Ride - VicDrift Prac Day (Sunday)

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Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush in the passenger seat of a drift car!

Note: You will also need a spectator ticket to enter the event. This can be purchased here

Sunday 8th August

Calder Park Raceway

Gates open at 9am for spectators

On track action finishes at 5pm

Please ensure you are: 

  • You come to the office on the day to sign the waiver and receive your wrist band.
  • Above the age of 16, and if under 18 bring a legal guardian to sign the waiver with you. 
  • Wear long sleeve pants, and top as well as closed shoes
    • No holes in clothing 
    • Leggings are not considered pants
    • Sleeves must go to ankles and wrists
  • Bring your own helmet that is Australian Standard approved if you have one, or we will have ones to provide.